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January 9, 2019, 8:30 am - January 31, 2019, 12:00 pm

SPECIAL RATE: Global Fluency Training for Educators

Franklin University

201 S. Grant St. Ave | Columbus, OH 43215

Speaker: Brad Gosche - Vice President, Education & Communication | Lead Certified Trainer & Former Classroom Teacher

Global Fluency Training

Global Fluency: A New Approach to Leveraging the Global Diversity of Your School Community 

JANUARY 9 – 8:30-12:00
JANUARY 10 – 12:30-4:00
JANUARY 23 – 8:30-12:00

Is your classroom increasingly, globally diverse, as national trends suggest? How are students from varied cultural backgrounds engaged to be fully active in the school community?

Global Fluency Training provides schools with the tools they need to serve an ever-growing multicultural student body. Investing in Global Fluency Training is a meaningful professional development opportunity that is crucial to successfully serve increasingly diverse schools and local communities.


  • Define and understand culture and how it affects student learning
  • Explore & experience what it feels to be “other” and the value of varied perspectives in your school community
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities of a culturally diverse classroom environment
  • Explore cultural dimensions in selected case study cultures
  • Develop skills to communicate cross-culturally with students and parents alike
  • Learn how to leverage the global landscape of your classroom and school community
  • And so much more!

In Partnership with ASCD.

“I can use what I learned immediately in my own classroom; the more we know, the better we can serve our students.”

“The cross-cultural simulation was extremely powerful for me, and for the rest of my group.”

“Direct, concise, and very useful training, that was still fun and engaging throughout! ”


Brad Gosche

Vice President, Education & Communication | Lead Certified Trainer & Former Classroom Teacher

Columbus Council on World Affairs

Mr. Gosche leads and manages the Global Fluency arm of the Global Fluency Institute. Mr. Gosche’s vast global experiences and passion for education both inform and support the Global Fluency Institute’s goals of providing the knowledge, skills, and mindset to adult professionals for working effectively in a globally, interconnected world.

Mr. Gosche earned his B.A. in International Studies and B.A. in French from Miami University and completed his graduate work through the Université François Rabelais in Tours, France and Bowling Green State University, earning an M.A. in French Language, Literature, and Culture, an M.A. in Linguistics, and a Graduate Certificate in TESOL.

Born and raised in Ohio, Mr. Gosche’s life and career have taken him all around the world, having lived and worked in Boston, France, China, Seattle, among others. Mr. Gosche has a wealth of experience in global education, with expertise in curriculum design, cross-cultural training, and overseas program design. Throughout his career, Mr. Gosche has served as a Director of Customized Business & Educational Travel Initiatives, Director of Global Travel Initiatives, Global Programs Director, and has led many trips, educational programs, and worked throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Mr. Gosche is a passionate international educator and avid language-learner, fluent in French, conversational in German, and having studied various levels of Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.