Global Scholars: More Important than Ever Before

April 2, 2021

By: Hannah Meyer

Matthew Mayhan, Global Impact STEM Academy, collects 189 lbs of school supplies for his Global Scholars Take Action Project.


As a society, we need students, leaders, professionals, and citizens that can work together across cultures and borders to make the world a better place and address global issues just like the pandemic. With this in mind, we got creative.


The education team at CCWA was determined to provide students with the important experiences and global skills that are inherent to the Global Scholars program. With the help of community partners like Nestle, CRIS, The Global Water Institute, The Ohio State University, and many expert individuals, CCWA crafted virtual learning experiences that engaged students across 20 school districts. With the help of our dedicated school partners, we provided students with the opportunities to talk to experts on global issues, from global industries, and across cultures. Thanks to a dedicated team of advisors, students crafted impactful community projects, despite the pandemic.


CCWA has been overwhelmed by the community’s commitment to the Global Scholars Diploma program. While the pandemic has been challenging, it has highlighted Central Ohio’s strength. To celebrate our community and the Global Scholars Diploma 2021 graduates, we are hosting a virtual event the second week of May. Please join us to support our students and close the year with inspiring student projects.