A Word From the President & CEO: CCWA Growth & Staff Changes

January 23, 2019

We are pleased to announce exciting organizational changes to better position the Columbus Council on World Affairs to both continue delivering high quality programming and to accelerate future growth and sustainability. In order to best align the organization to do so, we have made the following changes to our team:

Brad Gosche, Vice President, Education & Communications, is stepping up to lead the Global Fluency Training delivery and expansion both here in central Ohio and across the nation. Brad will shift his focus almost entirely to the Global Fluency Training (GFT) program. Given Brad’s established track record of expanding programs like the Global Scholars Diploma, as well as the Global Fluency Training, and delivering high impact training for our Global Fluency Training program, demand is soaring among companies and schools. High demand plus recent agreements to be the preferred cross-cultural training partner for Jobs Ohio across the state and for ASCD across the nation precipitate this exciting evolution in our growth. We are grateful that Brad has agreed to step to help ensure CCWA is meeting this growing need. Please direct all Global Fluency Training inquiries to Brad at bgosche@columbusworldaffairs.org.

Hannah Meyer, Director of Student & Community Engagement has been promoted to lead the nationally-recognized and highly sought-after model for the Global Scholars Diploma (GSD) program. In Hannah’s new role, she will manage all aspects of the GSD program which currently serves more than 1,000 high school students in 21 school districts. During her two years at CCWA, Hannah has demonstrated her ability to direct and deliver high quality experiential learning experience, all while demonstrating her ability to help grow the program and maintain a high-quality product that has greatly impacted and influenced so many students from our region since the GSD’s inception. Hannah will drive continued innovation and impact as the program grows. Additionally, Hannah will oversee our community, global awareness Signature Luncheon Series. Please direct all Global Scholars Diploma and Signature Luncheon Series inquiries to Hannah at hmeyer@columbusworldaffairs.org.

Jessica Henderson, Program Manager of Student & Community Engagement has recently joined our team to support Hannah in her new role, providing insight and additional support for both the Global Scholars Diploma Program and our Signature Luncheon Series. Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge in education, curriculum design, student engagement, and experiential learning opportunities—as a former Italian teacher—she is an important and exciting new resource to add to our team. Given her background Jessica has been able to step into her new role very quickly and has already led several GSD sessions. Jessica’s valuable private-sector experience also helps CCWA bring data-driven rigor and innovation to our work. Jessica will also support our Signature Luncheons continue to bring high-quality speakers, engagement for the community, and important, relevant topics that our Luncheons have become known for. Welcome Jessica! Jessica can be reached at jhenderson@columbusworldaffairs.org

Jenna Azotea has accepted a new role at CCWA, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO. Jenna will be stepping up to provide unparalleled administrative and project support to our President & CEO, Patrick Terrien, which will assist in successful stewardship for CCWA towards its vision with clarity, purpose, and impact. In her time with the Council, Jenna has proven to be a critical asset to the organization and her varied skills will bring focus, structure and discipline to a high-growth organization. Jenna’s organizational skills, constant positivity, and work ethic are essential, making her another important and integral part of the team that will continue to drive the high-quality growth that the Council seeks. Jenna can be reached at jazotea@columbusworldaffairs.org.  

Please join us in congratulating Brad, Hannah, Jessica, and Jenna!  

To meet the entire CCWA team, please visit: https://columbusworldaffairs.org/about-us/who-we-are/

Patrick Terrien
President & CEO