Our Mission Partners:

Interested in becoming a Mission Partner? If you would like more information about this special opportunity, contact Patrick Terrien, President & CEO.


About Mission Partnership

The concept incorporates three key themes:

1. Longevity

Partner has been active and engaged for many years.

2. Investment

Partner has invested a variety of resources, including intellect, experience, marketing, and volunteers in addition to funding.

3. Mission-Alignment

Partner has demonstrated a mission that aligns with the Council’s mission.


"By facilitating the open exchange of ideas, the World Affairs Councils also celebrate the principles of voluntary association and free speech."

– George Bush, Former President of the United States

"In today’s international marketplace, the need for a world view and for the promotion of global awareness among central Ohio residents is critical."

– W.G. Jurgenson, CEO – Nationwide (Retired)

"....successfully working across borders - both geographically and culturally - is critical to our long-term success. And the greater our fluency, the better we are at breaking down barriers and building bridges."

- George S. Barrett, Former Chairman & CEO, Cardinal Health