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May 6, 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cybersecurity: China, COVID-19, and Global Cooperation

Virtual Webinar Series

Speaker: Samm Sacks, Cybersecurity Policy Fellow at New America & Fellow at Yale Law School's China Center

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Global supply chains, data, and network infrastructure are an increasingly important part of national security. Countries that successfully utilize and protect their data will be in a position to dominate the geopolitical landscape. Are we destined for a bifurcated world of technology because of a lack of trust, or can the US and China work together for the common good? Is COVID-19 fast-tracking the inevitable?  How will economies balance civil liberties, public health, and privacy?  In partnership with the US-China Series’s daylong event, the Columbus Council on World Affairs hosts a dynamic panel of global experts in cybersecurity, including Samm Sacks of Yale and Graham Webster of Stanford.  To register for this free event, click here.   

In partnership with our World Affairs colleagues around the country, Columbus Council on World Affairs is proud to host this panel as part of the larger Putting the World Back Together Ideas Summit from May 4-8.  Events are all online, originate from Councils coast to coast, and cover a range of topics from Global Leadership with Gen. David Petraeus to Gender Equity with Dr. Nina Ansary, UN Women Global Champion.  Clickhere to register and enjoy.


Samm Sacks

Cybersecurity Policy and China Digital Economy Fellow at New America and Fellow at Yale Law School's China Center

Samm Sacks is a Cybersecurity Policy and China Digital Economy Fellow at New America. Her research focuses on emerging information and communication technology (ICT) policies globally, particularly in China. She has worked on Chinese technology policy issues for over a decade, both with the U.S. government and in the private sector. In addition to her work at New America, Ms. Sacks serves as a Fellow at Yale Law School’s China Center.

She reads and speaks Mandarin and is a frequent contributor to print, TV, and radio, including Bloomberg, the Financial Times, National Public Radio, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Her articles have appeared in the Atlantic and Foreign Affairs, among other outlets. She has testified before Congress and speaks regularly before audiences from academia and research, policy, and the private sector.

A former Fulbright scholar in Beijing, Sacks holds an M.A. from Yale University in international relations and a B.A. from Brown University in Chinese literature. She lives with her husband and two young sons in New York.