Global Fluency Training Goes Virtual

October 27, 2020

By: Renée Bishai

As businesses and schools aim to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace, Global Fluency Training is a resource for organizations that are looking to deepen their understanding of how culture impacts professional environments and to equip their employees with the skills needed to collaborate more effectively across differences. Though virtual Global Fluency Trainings were offered prior to this year, you will not be surprised to learn that we are currently offering Global Fluency Training primarily in a virtual format. Our instructor-led virtual trainings are held via video conference, allowing our facilitators to engage with participants “face-to-face” and encouraging participants to have meaningful interactions with each other in virtual breakout rooms. Virtual trainings have also allowed clients such as Abbott and Nationwide to offer professional development opportunities to their associates outside of Columbus, even to those in other countries. A virtual training can further the impact of Global Fluency Training in an organization, while minimizing costs and protecting the health and safety of participants. To learn more about bringing Global Fluency Training to your company or school, contact Renée Bishai at