Addressing Diversity and Inclusion Through Intercultural Competency

April 2, 2021

By: Renée Bishai

Over the last year, many organizations have strengthened their commitment to diversity and inclusion as our country reckons with the harmful impacts of racism throughout our society. At CCWA, this shared commitment goes hand in hand with our mission to increase global competence and understanding. Global Fluency Training is one way to learn about the role culture plays in all interactions and to increase understanding between people of different racial and ethnic identities. 

In late 2019, we began working with the City of Westerville to bring Global Fluency Training to city employees. These trainings are a great example of how Global Fluency Training is not only for companies doing global business. Westerville is a thriving and increasingly diverse community whose leadership is prioritizing diversity and inclusion education. The city’s investment in training its staff demonstrates its understanding of the important role cultural competence plays in its ability to continue being a welcoming and inclusive community to people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

Global Fluency Training is for anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of others and develop practical skills for communication, relationship building, leadership, and collaboration with people of all cultures. For more information, reach out to Renée Bishai at