Global Fluency Training: Creating a Culturally Competent Community

March 29, 2018

By: Hannah Meyer

“The half-day program is not a huge time commitment, the value you get for spending that half-day training, learning something new, especially in this global environment, I think is priceless.”
– Vinita Mehra, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter

Whether it be the soybean farmer who is shipping his product overseas, the engineer face timing with her counterpart in Asia, or the teacher working with his recent Somali immigrant student, to reach the global community there is no need to look farther than Ohio’s borders. With this connection to the wider global community, comes a need to understand and work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. To meet this need CCWA created the Global Fluency Training program (GFT).  GFT is a professional development program aimed at developing culturally competent business professionals, educators, and community members.

The program combines hands-on activities with an internationally recognized theoretical framework to help participants understand culture, leverage diversity, and successfully communicate in a global community. Brad Gosche, CCWA’s Vice President of Education & Communications, directs the program. Gosche’s hope is that those leaving the training “have the knowledge, skills, and mindset to successfully navigate our interconnected global society in any environment”. CCWA’s goal is to reach all local organizations and help them more effectively navigate their global relationships.

In the past year, CCWA facilitated 16 GFT sessions, reaching nearly 400 participants. Additionally, CCWA has partnered with the World Affairs Council in Pittsburgh and Connecticut as well as ASCD (one of the largest educator professional development organizations in the world) to deliver the program nationally. For more information on the Global Fluency Training or to sign up for our upcoming trainings, please contact Brad Gosche, Vice President, Education & Communications.