Global Scholars Diploma

March 29, 2018

By: Jenna Azotea

“[My child] came home today so excited about today’s session. The information and organizations she’s being exposed to, the people she’s meeting, the work she’s doing on her projects are beyond anything she could get in the traditional classroom. I truly believe the program will not only help her be a ‘Global Scholar’ and build critical thinking and communication skills, but it’s making her a more culturally aware citizen and a more empathetic human.”
– Parent of a Global Scholars Diploma student
Our Global Scholars Diploma provides a credential in global fluency to 900 students in 20 central Ohio school districts. Students attend four face-to-face events with us each year that prepare them to become future leaders, professionals, and engaged citizens. They interact with volunteers from all over the world, explore global careers with local professionals, and take action on pressing global issues.

Most recently, students participated in an event focused on global issues, which included a simulation that challenged them to take on the role of refugees forced to flee their home. With numerous dilemmas that they had to work through as a team, the experience opened their eyes to some of the real struggles that people on the move encounter. One student shared, “My parents are Somali refugees. This program showed me that there are people who really care, and that my family does matter, and that I can use my experiences to be more successful instead of hiding them.” Other students were inspired by the fact that this sensitive topic could include multiple viewpoints and be discussed in a balanced way.

The second half of the event was spent in dialogue with volunteers from local organizations who addressed a range of global issues, including immigrants and refugees, food security, volunteering in developing countries, youth leadership, water scarcity, and gender-based violence. Another student noted, “My perspective has changed this year. I realize that I need to step into another person’s shoes to understand their experiences and their challenges. When I’ve done that, then I can help create realistic solutions to global issues.” To learn more about getting involved with Global Scholars, contact Brad Gosche, Vice President, Education & Communications.
Can you speak on culture, global careers, or global issues? Are you interested in volunteering with our program next year? Please contact Jenna Azotea, Program Coordinator.