Global Scholars Graduates Largest Class to Date

June 29, 2018

By: Jenna Azotea

This year, the Global Scholars Diploma program graduated 125 students at our 2018 International Awards Ceremony. To earn the credential, students must complete our three-year experiential program, which includes an independent study project in their final year where they act locally on a global issue.  All graduating students presented their projects to their younger peers in the program and a select few presented to the audience of 800 at the International Awards Ceremony.

Global Scholars Graduating Class of 2018 receive their cords at the International Awards Ceremony


SPOTLIGHT: Marysville High School

While all schools in the GSD program graduate outstanding students, we want to recognize Marysville High School for graduating their first three: Emma Rice, Dayo Adeoye, and Brandy Martinez-Torres. These students demonstrated that they have the knowledge skills, and mindset to be leaders in our increasingly global communities, and their projects reflect the core of CCWA’s mission.

Pictured: (left to right) Emma Rice, Dayo Adeoye, and Brandy Martinez-Torres

Emma’s project: Emma found that there was a disconnect in her high school’s Spanish class. She arranged virtual exchanges with her class and a class in Mexico to foster language and cultural understanding. This fall Emma will be attending the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College and will major in astrophysics/physics.


Dayo’s project: Dayo created her own company: Foreign, Inc. It focuses on definitions of beauty around the world, empowering young women, and fostering self-esteem. For her project, she created a powerful documentary Dayo will attend the University of Chicago this fall.


Brandy’s project: Brandy watched her younger siblings struggle in school because their peers didn’t understand their Mexican culture. She decided to teach kindergarteners about her culture to help them appreciate those who are different from themselves. Brandy is going into the Air Force.

Congratulations again to all of our graduating Global Scholars!
Can you speak on culture, global careers, or global issues? Are you interested in volunteering with our program next year? Please contact Jenna Azotea, Program Coordinator.