Meet Our Member: Jay Patel

June 29, 2018

By: Bushra Sandhu

Jay Patel joined the board of the Columbus Council on World Affairs in 2017. After moving to the U.S. from India in 1985, Jay graduated from The University of Dayton in 1989 with a major in Mechanical Engineering Technologies and a minor in Industrial Engineering. Upon graduation, Jay interned for Delco Moraine GM. Jay started working for Honda in 1989, where he has worked for 29 years. As a Division Manager for Honda, Jay has enjoyed opportunities to travel to Japan, Germany, France, Mexico, and the Czech Republic.

How did you get involved with CCWA?
Working for Honda, which is one of CCWA’s Mission Partners, opened up an opportunity for me to join the board. After doing some research and meeting with CEO & President Patrick Terrien, I was very impressed by CCWA’s mission and wanted to contribute to its work. I share CCWA’s global perspective, not only based on my own international background but also because I work for a global company.

How long has Honda been supporting CCWA’s mission?
Honda has been a supporter of CCWA for more than 20 years. Every year we host the global career events for CCWA’s Global Scholars program at the Honda Heritage Center. Through these events, students learn about Honda’s history as a multinational company with significant Ohio ties. Global leaders from Honda and other companies come and share their experiences with the Global Scholars, who have the opportunity to engage directly with these professionals and ask questions about their success, passion, and motivation. This year, I also had the opportunity to speak at one of the Global Scholars’ year-end event and talk about my experience as a global citizen. It is always interesting to witness the students’ curiosity and help them learn to create a successful path in a global world. Learn more here on Honda’s GSD partnership with CCWA.

Why do you think our GSD program is important to the community?
It is very important to Honda that programs like GSD are growing in this community. We are a global company and we need talent with global knowledge. We look for students to intern at Honda and provide them with professional mentoring. Young students who possess a global understanding helps them become permanent Honda associates. It’s a win-win situation for students and companies in our community.

Why should our future members join CCWA?
To support the Global Scholars Diploma program. The world is more globally connected and CCWA provides critical support by connecting them with experienced leaders and through their knowledge that they will be inspired to be successful global leaders.

What is your favorite memory of the Council?
Speaking at the International Awards Ceremony in 2017. I was on the board for less than a month, and I was asked to speak at CCWA’s largest event of the year because Honda was the lead sponsor. The experience of speaking to an audience of 600 people from our community and hearing Global Scholars talk about their projects so passionately made me realize that I picked the right organization to support.

To become a CCWA member or for more information, please contact Bushra Sandhu.