Trends in Global Health: Gender & Health Equity in Time of Relapse & Resuscitation

June 25, 2019

By: Hannah Meyer; Director, Student & Community Engagement

This week, the Columbus Council on World affairs is hosting Michelle Milford Morse to discuss the important topic of gender and health equity in the world today. After decades of progress, the struggle for equity continues. All over the world, girls and women’s rights are deteriorating and progress toward equality is stalling. This is an issue that impacts us all.

Michelle Milford Morse, the UN Foundation’s Vice President of Girls and Women Strategy says that protecting our progress toward equity is a moral, economic, and human capital imperative. It depends on the clarity with which we see the world, and the choices we make about its people. Morse will discuss the myths of gender and health equity—including the notion that inequity impacts only vulnerable women in faraway places, and will issue a call to action to defend shared and achievable aspirations for everyone, everywhere. 

Morse leads the UN Foundation’s efforts to promote gender equality and the rights and agency of all girls and women, working in collaboration with the United Nations and its partners.

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This event is sponsored by the Cardinal Health Foundation.