A Look at our Community: Mauritanians in Columbus

Mauritania, a country on the west coast of Africa, was the last country on earth to outlaw slavery in the 1980s, and unfortunately the practice is still alive today in many forms.

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Global Fluency Training This Quarter

This past quarter, CCWA partnered with IGS Energy to provide customized Global Fluency Training to a group of IGS employees as they prepared to travel to Nicaragua. Over the last year, CCWA has provided three of these courses to IGS Energy, with two sessions per course. These courses have been customized as “pre-departure orientation training”, designed to prepare IGS employees to live, work, and immerse themselves in the Nicaraguan culture and environment.

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Global Fluency Training: Creating a Culturally Competent Community

Whether it be the soybean farmer who is shipping his product overseas, the engineer face timing with her counterpart in Asia, or the teacher working with his recent Somali immigrant student, to reach the global community there is no need to look farther than Ohio’s borders.

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